Behaviour Policy

The aim of this policy is to ensure all learners behave appropriately and tutors deal with unwanted behaviour consistently.

A good standard of behaviour is required at all times.

You are required to participate fully in all activities set by your tutor.

You are required to carry out any reasonable request from any member of staff.

You are required to use technology safely and responsibly.

Unacceptable and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

Examples of unacceptable and inappropriate behaviour include:

  • Behaviour which could endanger the health and safety of others
  • Violence
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Smoking in Chiltern Training buildings
  • Bringing, drinking or being under the influence of alcohol onto Chiltern Training premises
  • Bringing or taking drugs on Chiltern Training premises
  • Being under the influence of drugs on Chiltern Training premises
  • Threats to students and staff
  • Use of inappropriate or abusive language
  • Participating in inappropriate or offensive conversations
  • Bullying/cyber-bullying/harassment of any kind
  • Abusive or threatening emails or texts
  • Interference with college computer hardware/software/data, or accessing offensive or pornographic material
  • Use of mobile phones in class for social purposes
  • Consuming foods during teaching sessions
  • Repeated failure to bring the required personal learning equipment
  • Any other situation that causes disruption and/or distress

If at any time the above behaviour policy is broken, Chiltern Training reserves the right to withdraw you from your course without any appeals process.