The Learners' Charter

Learners are entitled to:

  • Speak out for themselves and on behalf of others
  • Have a say in what they learn
  • Information, advice and guidance
  • Learn in ways that meet their needs
  • Be treated as individuals and with respect
  • Enjoy learning in an accessible and safe environment
  • Receive support to help them succeed
  • Have clear information that can be understood
  • High quality teaching with appropriate resources and environments that meet their needs
  • Make compliments, complaints and suggestions
  • Somewhere to learn where they are not discriminated against
  • Have access to suitable resources to aid learning

Learners' Commitment

Learners will need to:

  • Attend on your agreed days
  • Inform us if you cannot attend for any reason
  • Be punctual in all your lessons
  • Complete course work and meet deadlines
  • Be considerate to other learners
  • Follow the behavior policy
  • Inform us of any changes to your personal details
  • Come to lessons fully equipped for learning

If at any time you feel that your rights are being violated, please contact the Head of Curriculum or the Managing Director.