Bullying and Harassment Policy

Policy statement

Chiltern Training Limited aims to provide a working and learning environment that will enable staff and learners to fulfil their potential and in which the dignity of all individuals is respected. To this end, the company wishes to provide an environment that promotes equal opportunities and is free from bullying and harassment.  Bullying and harassment can have a serious detrimental effect on working, studying and social conditions of staff, candidates and visitors to the company.

Download our Harassment & Bullying Policy (287 KB) here. 

Definitions of harassment and bullying

Harassment is used here to mean sexual, racial, bullying and other forms of personal harassment, arising from disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or any other personal characteristic including gender.

Bullying is the wilful, conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten someone. Bullying can be PHYSICAL, VERBAL or EMOTIONAL. For example: hitting people; making threats; intimidation; teasing and name-calling.

What to do if you feel you are being harassed or bullied

Always talk to us first. We are here to support you. Talking to one of our Tutors or Assessors will help you.

If you feel you are being bullied:

  • Seek the support of a friend
  • Tell your parents
  • Tell your Tutor or Assessor with whom you feel comfortable
  • Text the ‘support hotline’ on 07537 402400, starting your text with the number ‘01189’ alternatively you can email our welfare officers on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Something Small becomes Something Big
  • No one should be expected to put up with being bullied by anyone
  • We must all support each other to make sure that we do not let bullying happen.