Equality and Diversity Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

Commitment and support is paramount in the implementation and success of this policy. The policy covers every aspect of our training and includes all government funded programmes.

The principle of open and equal opportunity for all is promoted in all areas of the company activity. We actively seek to overcome any inequality in relation to gender, sexuality, race, religion, age and disability.

Chiltern Training Ltd. works in co-operation with the Skills Funding Agency, awarding bodies and other organisations as appropriate, to develop and maintain codes of practice.  These uphold the embodiment of equality of opportunity in the process of assessment and in the materials and work used throughout all training.

It is the responsibility of the Managing Director to ensure that all members of staff are conscious of and work sensitively against discrimination in all aspects of their role.

All learners are to be made aware of individual expectations of other learners, employers and staff members.  They must also be aware of and appreciate potential problems that may result from cultural and religious differences.

It is the responsibility of each learner to:

  • Familiarise him/herself with company policy
  • Promote the policy through their own behaviour
  • Report instances of discrimination to the Managing Director, so that appropriate action can be taken
  • Make any recommendations which may help improve our practice

Download our Equality and Diversity policy here