Level 3 CYPW Optional Units

Below is a summary of the optional units available for the Level 3 Diploma:


Unit 032 - Support the Creativity of Children and Young People

Understanding the links between creativity and a child’s wellbeing. Encouraging the development of creativity and innovative thinking through organised creative activities and routines.

Unit 076 - Care for the Physical & Nutritional Needs of Babies & Young Children Caring for the physical and nutritional needs of 0-3 years.

Unit 078 - Young Children’s Physical Activity and Movement Skills

Highlighting the importance of physical activity, planning and implementing physical activities and routines, to develop gross motor and movement skills.

Unit 115 - Promote Positive Behaviour

Knowledge, understanding and skills required to promote positive behaviour and respond appropriately to incidences of challenging behaviour.

Over 3s Workers:

Unit 093 - Support Children and Young People to Achieve their Learning Potential

Ensuring every possible opportunity to make the most of learning.

Unit 094 - Support Children and Young People to have Positive Relationships

Supporting in the relationships with family, friends or professionals.