Professionalism at your workplace


Your setting will usually provide you with a uniform or ask you to wear  certain clothes when you go to your placement. Please ensure that you adhere to the dress code of your employer.


If you are employed by your setting, you will have a number of days’ annual leave which you can take during the year. This is only to be taken at the discretion of your employer, and you must inform Chiltern Training if you will not be at college.


If you are employed by your setting you may be paid if you are ill, for a limited number of days per year. Please check your own settings policies and procedures. Please be aware that if you claim to be ill when you are not, this could result in dismissal from your employer.


Most settings will have a non-smoking policy, which means that you are not allowed to smoke at your setting or in your uniform. There is a strict non-smoking policy at Chiltern Training Ltd.


Please ensure that your behaviour is professional at all times, and remember that you are setting an example as a Chiltern Apprentice.

What to do if you have concerns

If you are concerned about an issue within your childcare setting, normally your point of contact will be your Manager. If your concern is college related, feel free to contact your Training Officer or, if it is a serious issue, Katy Edwards, Managing Director.