What you can expect as an employer

If you have an Apprentice or student at your setting, a Training Officer (TO) will come out to visit the learner within 4 weeks of them starting the course. This visit is called a review. After this review meeting the TO will hold a review with the learner every 8-12 weeks throughout their course. The purpose of the review visit is to set targets, review progress, review the learner’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and address any queries or concerns.  Managers are requested to provide input into the review on learner progress and Assessors will always share the outcome of the review with the setting manager. The staff at Chiltern Training are always happy to discuss learner progress and the TOs can provide progress reports from our management information systems.

The TO will also visit the setting at least once per term to assess the learner (unless you have a work based Assessor within your setting). These visits vary in length according to individual staff members but on average last for 3-4 hours.  It is ideal for learners to contact their TC when they are ready for an assessment visit. Learners are required to have their portfolios in work with them when an assessment is due to take place.

TOs should always arrange visits in advance at a convenient time for the learner and the setting.

If your learner should fail to attend college for any reason, we will call your setting by 11.00am the same day to advice of their absence.

Learners are required to build a portfolio of evidence in order to gain their Certificate/Diploma and may require you to sign work, provide a witness statement and offer practical, on the job training and advice.

Level 2 learners attend college for 3 terms’ teaching and Level 3 learners attend college for 3 terms of teaching if attending day release classes and 4 terms if attending a distance learning class. During this time they will complete their Certificate, Functional Skills, First Aid certificate and gain underpinning knowledge for their Certificate/Diploma qualification. We would normally expect Level 2 learners to complete their qualification within 14 months and Level 3 learners to complete within 18 months. However, we always take into account individual learners’ needs.

If a Training Officer or tutor has concerns about a learner’s progress or attendance, these will be promptly shared with employers and action taken to address the situation. Equally, if you have concerns about a learner’s behaviour or performance in the workplace, please contact their Assessor or the Managing Director and we can provide support and advice to resolve any issues.