Employer Awards

Chiltern Employer Award Programme

Employer Awards

CTL have developed a set of tiered employer award standards; Bronze, Silver and Gold. These standards describe progressively higher standards of commitment to and quality of, training on the part of the work placement provider.

The awards framework encourages high standards for  placements and gives them an incentive to work towards excellence.  They encourage active engagement with training learners rather than passive acceptance of a learner’s presence in the  workplace and stimulate faster and higher levels of achievement.

There are three main areas that an employer can be nominated for:

  • Excellent standards of health and safety in the workplace
  • Excellent understanding and levels of learner support
  • Excellent promotion of equality and diversity

Training Coordinators, tutors and learners nominate employers for awards each term. Awards are presented termly to employers at appropriate forums by the Managing Director

What are the benefits?

Employers who receive an award receive a certificate to recognise their achievement and will also receive a grant towards training for staff at CTL; £500 for Bronze award winners, £750 for Silver award winners and £1000 for Gold award winners.

As a result of the award system we also hope to improve learners motivation, improve communication between work places and training coordinators and better integrate on and off the job training.