Learner Support Policy

Chiltern Training aims to provide confidential and impartial information, advice and guidance to all learners from initial contact via the recruitment process, whilst on a training programme, through to progression into employment/other training routes. Working practices are consistent with National IAG guidelines set out in the Staff Handbooks for reference.

Chiltern Training Ltd is committed to providing equality of opportunity in education, training and employment for all learners and potential learners, staff, employers and subcontractors. This commitment is shared and acted on by all CTL staff and is the overall responsibility of the board of directors. The effectiveness of our policy, and the importance we place on it, are central to the ethos of our organisational values.


All potential new learners are invited to a presentation morning and receive an impartial and confidential interview with a member of the recruitment or tutor team (see Recruitment Procedure). We offer a variety of course to suit learners with different ability levels. Where we can not provide a suitable course we refer learners back to Connexions or arrange an interview with an alternative training provider. We work closely with other training providers, local schools, Connexions and we provide FE and University prospectuses in our library. The recruitment team take time to ensure all attendees understand about a career in childcare and the various options available. We display positive images of under represented groups in our marketing materials and case studies.

Presentations take place on the ground floor of the building so as to be accessible to learners with disabilities. A hearing loop is also available and signage is clear. We are flexible and responsive to learner needs providing onsite interviews at Connexions or at employer’s premises. We encourage Connexions advisors or parents/guardians to attend to provide additional support to learners.

Learners all receive a comprehensive initial assessment and induction and they are made aware of how to access support and the complaints procedure. Results of initial assessments are used to develop their ILP and to highlight areas where support is required as per our ALSN Policy (Policy for Additional Learning Support). Learners are reviewed every 10 weeks and any concerns are followed up promptly.

Learner Support Service

At Chiltern Training we provide a learner support service for all individuals who are on one of our training programmes. We operate an ‘open door’ policy for learners to speak to a training co-ordinator or member of the management team at any time. Where staff cannot provide the expertise needed, we support learners to find the appropriate agency/organisation.


The Chiltern Training Learner Support Service includes:

  • Information – we have access to a whole range of information including learning and work, occupational information, CV and interview technique handouts as well as information about applying to university. We have a careers section in the library and on the website.
  • Access to confidential and independent careers advice from a staff member who can help you plan your learning and work goals or help you decide which training programme is best for you.
  • ILP Support – Reviews take place on a 10 weekly basis and provide an opportunity for learners to discuss their Individual Learning Plans or to ask for extra learner support from Training Officers and tutors.
  • ALSN Support – All endorsed learners will receive tutorial support from their tutor and specific Action Planning twice a term.
  • Signposting to other Services. If we do not have the expertise in house to help you, we can point learners to an expert that can help with issues such as counselling, financial and housing support and benefits. We have regular guest speakers providing talks and support for learners: topics including alcohol and drugs awareness, sex education, budgeting advice and careers talks.